11Josh Lockwood

1127 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220

C: 804-363-1033

Josh Lockwood

Mortgage Consultant

Born and raised in Richmond suburbs, Josh always thought he’d be out of here the first chance he got. But after moving to California and traveling all across the country, he realized that he’d already discovered his favorite American city, and it just happened to have all his family already living in it. He came back to Richmond in 2018, and has been happily residing here ever since.

He started searching for a home in Spring of 2020 and met Greg, Jesse and the rest of The Cowart Team. They made the experience so easy and stress-free, and they were so engaging and down to earth, that he walked away from the purchase saying, “ If that team ever has an opening, I’m applying.” 2 years later, they did, and he did.

Josh has become an integral part of the team in the short time he’s been here. He has a mind for data and loves the complex puzzles of the mortgage world. While he’s a newly licensed Mortgage Consultant, he has spent his time working on hundreds of transactions for The Cowart Team and has garnered more experience in that year than many Mortgage Consultants ever do.

Whether you have a complex situation with many moving parts, or just want a friendly and knowledgeable person to walk you through an unfamiliar process, Josh is the local lender you should call.

When he’s not at the office, Josh is most likely trimming one of his bonsai trees or cuddling up with his fiancé to watch the latest HBO drama.

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