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Francis Roble

Director of Digital Marketing

Francis, a Cebuano graphic designer, specializes in branding design, digital marketing, and content creation. With a background in Advertising Arts and over a decade of design experience, he infuses his work with the vibrant energy of his surroundings in Cebu City. His passion for creativity drives him to approach each project with enthusiasm and innovation, whether he’s crafting brand narratives or exploring new digital strategies.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Francis finds inspiration in his personal pursuits. As an avid traveler, he seeks adventure in new destinations, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes. He also dedicates his downtime to exploring various art forms, from playing video games to experimenting with different mediums. His love for exploration and self-improvement shapes his balanced approach to life, where he seamlessly integrates his professional expertise with his personal interests.

Embodying the concept of collaboration, Francis ensures that his clients are involved in the creative process, fostering a sense of partnership and mutual understanding. Whether he’s exploring coffee shops or museums in different cities or immersing himself in new projects, Francis’s diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to both his craft and personal growth shine through in everything he does.

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